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Need a shared task list? A shopping list? A checklist before your next trip? Use Neteek!

Add new tasks quickly, don't forget anything, free your mental load and improve your productivity!

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Neteek closed permanently on October 4, 2021
Two to-do lists

Collaborate as a team on your task lists

With family, with friends, at work or at school, Neteek helps your team to collaborate. Be more productive together!

A list of team members

Synchronize your to-do lists across all your devices

Use all features on all platforms. Manage your tasks and lists from anywhere, anytime.

The same to-do list displayed on a phone, a tablet and a computer

Organize your life simply and efficiently

Easily organize your tasks, lists and reminders. Personalize, categorize, prioritize, repeat, set deadlines, ...

Several screens showing the basic use of Neteek

Features for your to-do lists

Shared to-do lists

Share task lists with loved ones, colleagues or classmates

Task reminders

Receive due date notifications for each task to not miss anything


Choose the color of your application from 14 light or dark themes

Team collaboration

Create teams to collaborate more easily on your to-do lists

Recurring tasks

Perfect to schedule your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks

Customizable task lists

Activate or deactivate features on each to-do list (Priorities, Complexities, Dates, ...)

Screenshots of to-do lists

Task list List of team members Configuring a due date for a task Quick addition of a task to a to-do list Advanced task list Configuring a task list Neteek using a clear theme Neteek using a dark theme Neteek using a black theme List of teams each with several task lists

Testimonials about Neteek


« This is definitely a great app that has really helped. The features in there are quite nice and the design is very clean and attractive. »

Hatoon A. | Neteek Android App


« Wonderful!!! Just downloaded it after trying dozens task manager apps, I found the treasure. Really like the display. »

Didiswaggy | Neteek iOS App


« Perfect to share tasks with my team! »

Sol D. | Neteek iOS App


« Excellent app! »

Younes B. | Neteek Android App


« Great App. I love it. »

R Chandrasekar | Neteek Android App


« Works well and delivers exactly as expected »

Simon W. | Neteek Android App

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